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I'm bored. and I'm talking to RJ. I saw fireworks again tonight in Haddonfield.

The I's
i want: to be somewhat beautiful.
i have: no life.
i wish: I could win over someone's heart.
i hate: how I look.
i miss: a lot of people.
i fear: everyday.
i hear: the keyboard click.
i search: for happiness.
i wonder: if I'll ever find a soulmate.
i regret: being born.
i love: the way blood looks.
i ache: in the heart.
i always: wish.
i am not: a good role model.
i dance: in my boxers.
i sing: duran duran.
i cry: almost every day.
i am not always: living in the real world.
i write: when I am upset.
i win: hardly ever.
i lose: at poker.
i confuse: myself.
i need: happiness.
i should: get offline.
father thinks i am: weird.
mother thinks i am: on drugs and having sex.
my boyfriend/girlfriend thinks i am: I don't have one.
three things you are often complimented for: glasses. eyes. hair accessories.
you get embarrassed when: I trip.
makes you happy: dancing in the rain
upsets you: humidity.
you keep a diary: no longer.
you like to cook: easy bake oven stuff
you have a secret you have not shared with anyone: of course.
youre in love: love is just a 4 letter word my dear.
you set your watch a few minutes ahead: I have.
you bite your fingernails: a lot.
you believe in love: nope.

in the last 24 hours have you...
cried: suprisingly, no.
helped someone: Yeah, my mom.
bought something: uh...not with my own money.
gotten sick: kinda
gone to the movies: yeah
gone out for dinner: nah
said "i love you": Nope.
written a real letter: uh, no.
talked to an ex: yes.
missed an ex: Not really.
written in a journal: That's what I'm doing right now.
talk to someone you crush on: yurp.
had a serious talk: Nope.
missed someone: Yes.
hugged someone: Hmm. Yes.
fought with your parents: Can't remember if I did.
fought with a friend: sure didn't.

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